Use Phitkari (alum) for face skin tightening, lifting and removing wrinkles

By Ajay Singh published on Sep 7, 2013

Phitkari (Potassium Alum or alum) is a wonderful crystal when it comes to skin tightening. You will feel it by yourself when you use it.

In India women have been using Phitkari for face skin tightening and lifting since ages before western world flooded Indian market with chemical packed plastic tubes aka cosmetics.

Men who use phitkari as aftershave gets their face tightened automatically.

Phitkari (Alum) for face skin tightening, lifting and removing wrinkles

Use alum for face skin tightening, lifting and removing wrinkles

How to use Phitkari (alum) for face skin tightening and lifting

Wash your face but don’t’ dry it. Wet phitkari in cold water thoroughly and rub gently across skin. Leave it to dry as long as you can. Rub off the dry white powder when you are done. You can also gently rinse your face with water.

After few months of usage all your wrinkles will disappear and you will have a rejuvenated, shining, young and wrinkle free face. Your face will start becoming young again and you will look younger.

Alum is also used in anti aging products where it is the main ingredient. However I prefer to use it it’s raw and natural form and also recommend others to do the same.

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7 Responses to “Use Phitkari (alum) for face skin tightening, lifting and removing wrinkles”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Wow at last I found something for removing wrinkles from my face. I was aware of alum and it’s healing properties but it never occurred to me that it can get rid of wrinkles as well. I’m going to give it a try.

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  2. Sulekha says:

    Thanks for sharing such valuable home remedy. I’ve seen my mum using alum for treating her skin to give it a glow. The way she uses is little different that what you have described.

    I’m sharing my mums’ secret home remedy for making face look younger.

    Mix 1 tsp of alum powder with mashed banana and 1tsp of sugar. apply this paste on your face and over neck area. Leave it for 30 minutes or so and then and rinse with cold water. Use it daily and within weeks you will start to see the effect.

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  3. Gillian says:

    I use Phitkari on my face for wrinkles. It works well but can I moisturize afterwards or not or leave it on as is ?

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    • Ajay Singh says:

      You can leave it for few hours or at least an hour if you are not in hurry. You can moisturize it after rinsing the face. For best result apply Phitkari in the night before sleep and leave it for the rest of night. There is no harm in leaving it longer once or twice a week.

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  4. Ayesha says:

    Can I use Phitkari powder instead of alum crystal for treating wrinkles? Would it have same effect?

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  5. cathy says:

    Will it also work to tighten skin on abs?

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    • Ajay Singh says:

      In theory Phitkari works in tightening all kind of skin including the most sensitive one ;)
      Abs skin is not so soft and there is a large area to apply alum so it might not be too effective in tightening. However if you are interested then give it a try. Apply it regularly and see how it comes.

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